Tips for Selecting Appropriate ASOS Clothing Sizes

ASOS offers thousands of different clothing items, and of course all of these are offered in multiple sizes. When shopping for clothing online, the biggest problem tends to be size selection. The good news? There are ways to help ensure that you select the correct size. Furthermore, online clothing sellers such as ASOS are more than willing to accept returns and offer an exchange or refund on the purchase.

Most people already know what sizes they wear, but if you do not, an inexpensive measuring tape will provide some answers. The ASOS site does provide a size guide along with each product that is listed. To open the guide, click on ‘Size Guide’ just underneath the product description. The guide will relate to the type of product that is listed. So, for example, if you’re looking at a dress, the guide will apply to dresses. Other guide options are available as well, and these can be access throughout the site.

The product description may also prove helpful, as ASOS provides the measurements of the model in the product photo, along with the size that she or he is wearing. Granted, you may not be the same size as the model, but this information can be an excellent guideline for determining whether that particular brand of clothing runs small or large. The material, cut, and other details may also be helpful in determining how the piece will fit before placing an order.

ASOS does offer other items, such as shoes and accessories. Specific details are provided about these as well in order to help you make a purchasing decision. If you have any questions about product measurements, call the ASOS customer service department. An agent should be able to take your information and help ensure that you select the correct size. Again, if a mistake is made, the item can be returned. Exchanges and refunds are both possible. Contact ASOS for return instructions.

Of all the items available for sale online, clothing can be the most difficult to purchase. This should not stop you, as the prices and selection online simply cannot be beat. Not to mention the convenience of ordering the latest styles from the comfort of home. ASOS offers clothing in many different sizes, and does offer to help their customers make the proper selection. Do not hesitate to contact ASOS if you would like help in choosing the correct size.